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A facility fee has been established for each type of surgery performed at Arizona Advanced Surgery Center. This fee includes:

  • Pre-operative assessment.
  • Use of the operating room, equipment and general medical supplies.
  • All necessary medications during your stay.
  • Nursing care provided in the preparation room, the operating room and in the recovery area.
  • Preparation of a report concerning your procedure that will be sent to your physician.

The facility fee does not include the fees charged by your surgeon and anesthesiologist. Separate fees are also charged by pathologists, radiologists and labs.

Some insurance carriers require pre-authorization. It is your responsibility to contact the insurance company or check with your physician's office to be sure that this has been done. The business office will prepare your insurance claim. Please provide a copy of your insurance identification card.

Arizona Advanced Surgery Center accepts VISA and MasterCard.




-Egg Retrieval

-Embryo Transfer

-Office Hysteroscopy

-Plastic Surgery


-GYN Surgery




 We have been notified that United Health Care and Blue Cross Blue Shield
 plans will send you the check for these facility services. Once the check has
 been received, you will need to turn it over to us within 10 days, or an
 administrative fee of $150 will be accessed.  Our office keeps track of when
 checks have been issued by the insurance companies. If the check is
 not received by our office by the due date, then your account will be turned
 over for the full billed amount to our collection agency.

 If you have any questions concerning financial arrangements, your coverage or our
 participation in your plan please contact the following at our business office:

 Michele Tucker, CPC Billing Manager

 480-496-2332 direct line


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